The Common Application Essay for 2017-2018: What’s Changed

The 2017-2018 college admissions journey has officially begun, and with it comes several changes to The Common Application essay prompts. Although the maximum word count still holds at 650, you will find two new prompts and three revised prompts from last year. The key to essay success is still creating engaging, error-free writing infused with…

The Common Application Essay Changes and Admission Essay Tips

With the onset of fall and back-to-school comes the start of the stressful college admissions process for incoming high school seniors. However, the process can become much less stressful when you know what to expect and are in control. Rather than letting the application essay and other written responses worry you, think of them as…

College Admission Essays: Ease the Anxiety with These Pointers

Perhaps the most stressful part of the nerve-racking college admissions process proves to be the college application essay. Once students due diligent research on universities and decide upon their top school choices, most of the admissions process simply involves gathering paperwork and filling in blanks. Although these tasks may be time consuming, they are clearly…

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