Resume Content: Less Is More

Resumes Should Be Streamlined In today’s day of one-line Tweets, social media posts, and texts, brevity with words has become an art of its own. We have become accustomed to quickly surveying bits of information, skimming for only the essentials as the rest is sifted away for us. Although beyond the world of social media…

Why Should I Keep a Current Resume?

The value of keeping a current resume is underestimated by most people, especially those who consider themselves to have job security. Even if you have had the same employer for years or decades, it is important to keep a current resume for the following reasons: If employment disaster strikes without warning, you are empowered to…

Why Is It a Challenge to Write My Own Resume?

By the time most clients contact us, they have needlessly struggled for weeks or months trying to write their own resumes.  Frustrated, they reach out for help after wasting time that could have been actively spent distributing their resumes and finding work. Here are some of the stumbling blocks that most of our clients have…

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