Sylvia Plath

is a Pulitzer-Prize winning American poet, short story writer, and novelist whose life and talent tragically ended at her own hands at the age of 30. Plath’s later writing often took root in the raw, poignant emotions of a single mother struggling to pursue her passion to write while raising two young children on her own and enduring the pain and devastation of divorce, isolation, illness, and financial stress.

For me, the power of Plath’s writing lies in her keen ability to express and share her own painful experiences and feelings. Her writing is considered to be of the confessional genre, as she reveals herself as a vulnerable human being, agonizing as she toils to both confront and escape from her afflictions. Her writing, real and unglamorized, connects with life and the dark moments when we battle to gain control. In exposing her own moments of bleakness and desolation, Plath ironically connects with readers’ hearts and souls. This is the power of writing.

Christa Riddle, All About Writing, Howell, NJ,

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