Should I Get Help or Write My Own Resume?

By the time most clients contact us, they have needlessly struggled for weeks or months trying to write their own resumes.  Frustrated, they reach out for help after wasting time that could have been actively spent distributing their resumes and finding work.

Here are some of the stumbling blocks that most of our clients have encountered:

They don’t know what questions to ask themselves to get at pertinent material: At All About Writing, we use a resume questionnaire to gather the information and specifics necessary to write an effective resume.  Sometimes, it feels like pulling teeth, but we get what we need to best represent our clients on paper.

They don’t know how to properly format their resumes: Most resumes we see that have been done by clients have minimal margins, minuscule fonts, a lack of organization, and about five pages of information creatively crammed into one page.  In reality, no one hiring and faced with the daunting task of reading hundreds of resumes for one position is going to struggle through a resume like this.  Would you?

They know themselves so well they assume everything is unimportant, unimpressive, or somehow already known, or they feel a need to share every minute detail: Time and time again, clients complain they can’t see the trees from the forest because they have been struggling with their resumes for so long.  A fresh and experienced set of eyes and ears can identify what is important and impressive, as well as what prospective employers are looking for in job candidates.  The focus should be on what makes you experienced for the job, unique, and ahead of the competition.  Resumes should not list mundane tasks, expected skills, inherent job responsibilities, or job descriptions.

Remember, with All About Writing, help is just a call or click away!

Christa Riddle, All About Writing, Howell, NJ,

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