Helpful hints for business writing success: Do you dread every writing task that awaits you at work? From emails, blog posts, and website content to business letters, advertisement copy, newsletters, and proposals, our writing skills are constantly challenged throughout each work day, which is stressful and overwhelming without the proper tools in place.

Eliminate your writing anxiety today by following these business writing tips for success:

  • Prewrite, write, and rewrite: Start off with prewriting, which can be as simple as creating a bullet list of notes or an informal outline that divides the information you plan to present into manageable segments; after writing, be sure to proofread several times, and also recruit a fresh set of eyes to give your work a careful read-through.
  • Invest your reader: Consider your reader’s point of view and what he or she would like to know or learn; write to convey useful, pertinent information and, if possible, use second person (you); give your reader an investment in what you have to say and maintain interest in your information.
  • Take command with active verbs: Instead of passive “to be” verbs, use strong, specific action verbs that express how something is being done; this captures the reader’s attention and adds to the precision of your message.
  • Keep it short: Stay focused and to the point; eliminate extra words that distort or detract from your information; remember, your reader’s time is valuable.
  • Maintain a polite and professional tone: Do not use slang, jargon, or inappropriate or casual language.
  • For emails in particular: Many of us compose emails constantly throughout every work day; to tackle your emails with confidence, be sure to include a clear subject line, a salutation and a closing, a succinct presentation of information for at-a-glance reading (such as bulleted lists with section headings), and a specific action you expect the reader to take after reading your email.

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by Christa Riddle

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