All About Writing ProclamationOn August 20th, 2013, Howell resident and business owner Christa Riddle proudly received a proclamation from Howell Township’s Mayor William Gotto recognizing her writing of the Prevention Press. The Prevention Press is the Howell Township Municipal Alliance’s newsletter. “We needed a vehicle through which to share with the community the Alliance’s mission for the prevention of drug, alcohol, and tobacco use among our township’s youth. We needed to let the community know who we are and what we do in Howell Township and our schools to champion our message of prevention,” shared Riddle, who was commissioned by Alliance coordinator Ralph Hoffman to create the newsletter.

Over the past four years, the Prevention Press has gained recognition throughout Howell Township and its schools as a source of knowledge and current information about the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse. Riddle commented, “Writing the newsletter has provided me with the privilege of positively impacting my community while doing what I love to do: write.  In this capacity, I see writing as a means to share vital information with the families and young people of my community, to communicate the importance of living healthy, safe, drug-free lives rooted in positive decisions and sound choices.”

Learning about others, helping people realize their personal and professional goals through their writing endeavors, and sharing valuable knowledge with the community are just a few of the reasons Riddle loves her career as the owner of All About Writing. Since founding All About Writing in 2007, Riddle has provided writing, editing, and proofreading services for local businesses, professionals, students, organizations, and residents, including resumes and business copy.

Riddle is also a writing tutor and hopes to inspire young people to follow their passions. “Instead of dreading writing, I want young people to see the power behind writing, to use their writing to share their knowledge, viewpoints, and contributions to their communities,” said Riddle. “If they learn to write for a reason that interests them personally, they will be inclined to write more often.”

Riddle is an active member of the Howell Chamber of Commerce and chairperson of the Howell Township Municipal Alliance.  She also enjoys being a volunteer judge for the nationwide NCTE Promising Young Writer’s Contest each spring. Riddle volunteers throughout the Howell Township community and is committed to youth travel and recreational sports in support of her son, Antony.

Learn more about All About Writing and owner Christa Riddle at Remember, with All About Writing, writing help is just a call or click away! Call us today to schedule your free consultation and get your project underway. We are here to assist with any phase of the project.

-by Christa Riddle

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