Why Is Fresh, Updated Content Important?

Active and Current

Fresh, updated content shows your business is active and current.  If your printed or online publications are outdated or old, readers are left to wonder if you are still open for business and if your business and customers are your top priority. By featuring up-to-date information, you send the message that your business stays on top of what is going on in its industry and that you keep well-informed regarding the latest information and trends. You show you care about what’s going on for the benefit of your customers.

Composing new content indicates that you take initiative and are serious about your business at all times. It reinforces that you are dedicated to your existing customers and actively try to grow your business through reaching and appealing to new customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Online content, including blogs, website pages, and social media sites, should reflect regular and consistent updates. Since information constantly changes on the Internet, it is essential to keep your online information up-to-date and frequently shared for search engine optimization. This is crucial to keep your business ahead of the vast competition online.

Where Should I Share My Updates?

Online, sharing fresh content can be accomplished through website updates and blogs, email blasts, newsletters, and social media posts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+). All online publications should link back to your website to direct traffic there.

In printed form, new business information can be shared through brochures, newsletters, flyers, post cards, and other handouts. Materials can be distributed in-person or through targeted mailings.

What Should I Write About?

Fresh, updated content can focus on just about any relevant topic. Here are some ideas:

  • Recent business accolades or press recognition
  • Upcoming events, specials, or promotions
  • Current industry trends
  • Industry knowledge and expertise gained through experience
  • Information about the staff or owner
  • News that somehow affects or is affected by your industry
  • Announcements featuring business changes, such as moving or expanding a location, hiring new staff, implementing new technology, or unveiling a new website
  • Customer education on upcoming industry trends, products, or services
  • Work samples, testimonials, or customers’ letters of recommendation

Who Wants to Know?All About Writing Business Success

Clients, potential clients, and business associates will be interested in your business’s print and online publications. Online sharing can be distributed through email blasts, newsletters, and social media posts. Networking events, community functions, industry expos, and targeted direct mailings are great opportunities to distribute print publications.

How Often Should I Update Information?

Online content should be frequently updated (see “search engine optimization” above) because the Internet never rests. For printed materials, be sure to feature timely, fresh information; however, do not make the mistake of running too many copies ahead in case changes occur, and be sure to re-print materials when changes do happen.

One Final Reminder…Good Writing Is Good Writing, No Matter What the Project at Hand

As always, be sure your fresh, updated content uses a direct style of writing that is easy to read and to the point. Include specific details, supporting data, and strong, active language. Also, be sure to incorporate relevant photos, images, and graphics to break up the text and catch the reader’s eye. Finally, proofread… and proofread again to be sure your fresh content is polished and perfect.

Remember, All About Writing is here to help with writing, editing and proofreading, as well as brainstorming to generate original, fresh content of interest. We offer a free, half-hour, in-person consultation in the Howell area to answer any questions or help you get things started.

Previous blogs by All About Writing, such as “Writing Website Content Tips” and “Helpful Tips for Business Writing Success: Stop Procrastinating, Start Writing” can help you effectively produce your fresh, updated content.

Learn more about All About Writing and owner Christa Riddle at   www.allaboutwritingconsulting.com. Remember, with All About Writing, writing help is just a call or click away! Call us today to schedule your free consultation and get your project underway. We are here to assist with any phase of the project.

-by Christa Riddle

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