Creating effective vision and mission statements should be at the top of every business’s to-do list; however, many business leaders become overwhelmed by even the mere thought of sitting down to compose them. If you have persevered to compose vision and mission statements, congratulations, but there is still something to consider: Are they concise, direct, effective, understood, and supported by all company leaders and employees?

Without clearly defined, current vision and mission statements in place, a company’s strategic plan will often fall short of success and become pointless, as there is no clearly identified purpose or goal to constructively direct action. Vision and mission statements are the backbone of a business’s strategic plan because they encourage all employees to work toward and remain dedicated to achieving specific, clearly defined common goals for a specific purpose.

Effective vision and mission statements can harness talent, encourage effort and dedication, promote collaboration and communication, maximize resource allocation, and positively impact individual and group productivity and performance. They send the message that we are all on the same team working toward the same goal.

Below, the “whys and hows” of effective vision and mission statements are explained. Read through the information, then commit to the task of writing or even rewriting concise, effective vision and mission statements for your company.

Vision Statement:

A vision statement should be a clearly written, succinct expression of what your company ultimately wants to achieve in the long run. Since a vision statement should be brief and straightforward, word choice is key in getting your message across accurately and effectively.

The vision statement should be understood by all employees, as it will inspire employees and guide their work efforts as they strive to achieve this clearly-defined goal. It should also be a shared view that incorporates what employees and leaders collectively think the company should achieve in years to come, which is often the hardest part when composing a vision statement.

Once a vision statement is in place, it should be referenced to effectively create and implement strategic plans, make organizational changes, and allocate resources so as to work toward an established goal.

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Mission Statement:

A mission statement revolves around the present: it clearly identifies the purpose of a business and answers what it does, who it serves, and how it accomplishes its vision statement. Like a vision statement, a mission statement should be written clearly and concisely, and it should be understood by all employees and company leaders.

Simply put, a mission statement identifies the following for a business: what we do, who we do it for, and how we do it.

Be sure to regularly revisit, review, and revamp your mission statement as needed to make sure it changes with the times so that your vision can be achieved.

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In conclusion, a vision statement outlines future aspirations, whereas a mission statement is crafted around present actions (what, how, and for whom). They function hand-in-hand to define goals and the actions that will achieve them. Creating effective vision and mission statements and making sure all company leaders and employees understand and invest in them can divert conflict while promoting loyalty, hard work, and collaboration that will benefit any business.

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-by Christa Riddle

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