(This is the second of two articles about The Common Application for college admissions. Part one, “Essay Prompts,” was featured in our October blog.)

In our October blog, “The Common Application, Part One: The Essay Prompts,” we provided detailed information on the essay portion of the application. Although our expertise lies in assisting students with creating appropriate and effective content and polished responses for the application essay prompts, All About Writing has some helpful hints to share regarding other elements of the college application process.

Here is some useful information about The Common Application process in general:

1.  You can use the same application through The Common Application to apply to a long list of schools rather than submitting a different application for each school. This is the benefit of using The Common Application.

2.  Make sure you check all menu selections for each individual college, including their drop-downs, so that you identify and submit all supplemental application information requested by a specific school. Although many colleges now use The Common Application, some have their own explicit requirements for admissions, such as additional essay prompts and work samples. By checking each menu selection thoroughly, you will be sure not to miss any information that could render your application incomplete. For example, supplemental essays can be found under the “questions” tab. It is best to familiarize yourself with The Common Application when you first register so you know the parts of the application process, then navigate around the site for each school you choose so you are aware of any extra requirements.

3.  Recommendations can be submitted in several ways, and your high school may have its own plan for executing them. The recommendation form can be done online through The Common Application, but there are other options available.

4.  Once you complete your entire application, print it out to review and proofread it very carefully. Have another person, such as an older sibling or parent, check it for you as well. This way, you will catch and fix any errors before you send it to the colleges of your choice.

5.  After you submit your application to a specific college, you cannot amend the application for that school. However, you can unlock your application and make changes to it before you submit it to other schools.  Future colleges to which you apply will then receive only the revised application. There is not a limit for the number of changes you can make to the application, except for the essay portion, which can only be revised twice.

Some universities may have additional application requirements or supplemental essays that go beyond The Common Application, so be sure to double-check the school’s website to make sure you submit all required parts of the application. You can also call the college’s admissions office with any questions you may have.

All About Writing offers editing for recommendation letters and writing samples, in addition to application essays, so you can put your best foot forward throughout the entire application.

All About Writing is here to help with the application process at the undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctoral levels. We can assist you with the initial phase of brainstorming ideas and planning the structure of your essay; offer suggestions related to content, focus, organization, pacing, and structural improvements; and proofread and polish your presentation once the final content is in place. However, All About Writing will not write content for any academic-related pieces, as it compromises integrity.

Learn more about All About Writing, Howell, NJ and owner Christa Riddle at www.allaboutwritingconsulting.com. Remember, with All About Writing, writing help is just a call or click away! Call us today to make the application process a little less challenging!

-by Christa Riddle


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