The value of keeping a current resume is underestimated by most people, especially those who consider themselves to have job security. Even if you have had the same employer for years or decades, it is important to keep a current resume for the following reasons:

  • If employment disaster strikes without warning, you are empowered to move forward in an instant:  Today, corporate merges, downsizes, and collapses occur far too frequently; oftentimes, employees are the last to know the situation is headed their way, despite decades of loyalty to the company. Maintaining an updated resume at all times empowers you to immediately seek new employment, getting you out there before your fellow employees who are left scrambling and in shock. Preparing a resume ahead of losing your job can greatly alleviate some of the anxiety experienced at a time like this, allowing you to proactively face the situation head-on. You will be ready to seize a new opportunity at a moment’s notice.
  • You are able to distribute your resume even when job security is in your corner:  Having a current resume at all times encourages you to hand it out to friends, relatives, colleagues, and professional contacts, even if you are content and secure at your current job. This keeps people abreast of your professional accomplishments and capabilities, as well as your specialized training and on-going education. This approach can result in securing a better position with superior pay or benefit perks you never even knew existed, anticipated going for, or imagined you would be qualified to fulfill.An updated resume also lends itself to distribution aimed at stimulating new business connections and gaining new clients who can easily review your successes and aptitudes. To add validity and attest to their competencies, many professionals present their current resumes online on company websites or as part of their social media profiles (such as LinkedIn). It can also be included in business portfolio presentations distributed to prospective clients.
  • You are prepared at a moment’s notice to apply for in-company promotions, even those that are not formally announced:  With an updated resume in hand, you can make sure your human resources department is kept current on your professional growth and achievements; should an in-house promotion or newly-created position arise, you can be the first in line for consideration while your competitors scuttle to get their resumes in place.
  • Accomplishments, specific details, and quantities are easily forgotten over time: Making sure you update your resume every time you switch jobs, earn a promotion or accolades, complete education or training, gain a certification, participate in a project, or achieve a professional accomplishment saves you stress down the road. Be proactive in adding new information to your resume immediately so the dates, quantities, and circumstances are fresh in your mind; believe it or not, as time passes, even the most important, seemingly unforgettable information can become a blur, which is detrimental when trying to compose a winning resume.

Remember, All About Writing is here to help create an effective resume or curriculum vitae (CV) for your specific career needs. We also offer resume rewriting services if a decent, workable resume is already in place and just needs updates and improvements. We start off with a thorough resume questionnaire to make gathering the necessary information easy for the client to accomplish and extend a free, half-hour, in-person consultation to identify and address each client’s specific resume goals, objectives, and concerns.

Please know, at All About Writing, we never use templates or pre-crafted materials. Each client’s resume is written specifically for that particular client with his or her best interests in mind. Using our experience in resume and CV writing, expertise, and current industry knowledge, we choose which resume format would best serve our client’s needs, then highlight specific, relevant information we have gathered through thorough communication with our client. All About Writing uses resume writing strategies tailored to each client’s unique employment history, field of interest, and career goal. No two resumes are alike.

Learn more about All About Writing and owner Christa Riddle at Remember, with All About Writing, writing help is just a call or click away! Call us today to schedule your free consultation and get your project underway. We are here to assist with any phase of the project.

-by Christa Riddle

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