Pronouns replace nouns. Two pronoun cases are subjective and objective (there is also possessive, which we don’t discuss here). Subjects complete the action, and so do subjective pronouns: I, we, you, he, she, it, and they. On the other hand, objects receive the action, and so do objective pronouns: me, us, you, him, her, it, and them. Unsure which case to use? If you have two or more subjects or objects, cover the other and see which one works. For example: “After school, Joan and _____ are going to the store.” Cover up Joan and decide between I or me.  Another example: “Frankie, please give Joan and ____ a ride to the store after school.” Cover up Joan and decide between I or me.

One final example you send you on your way!

“Jason and I made the best coffee ever for him and me! Usually, it is a difficult task for he and I because we can never agree on what flavor to make.”

Unsplash, Man in Suit w Coffee


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