Do you, like many other professionals, struggle with creating your LinkedIn profile? Composing a LinkedIn profile often poses uncertainty about how to effectively showcase your assets and stay ahead of the competition, which is why many professionals procrastinate when it comes to creating and updating their LinkedIn page. The writing process itself can also be intimidating for many.

A winning LinkedIn profile is a critical component of professional validity, visibility, and networking in today’s global, Internet-based, and social-media-driven professional arena. It is an essential for gaining the interest of prospective customers, referencing potential job candidates, showcasing your assets for possible employment and business opportunities, and connecting with colleagues and industry resources.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why creating your LinkedIn profile should be a top priority, as well as some pointers to navigate and simplify the process as you conquer your own LinkedIn page.

Why Is a Strong LinkedIn Profile Important?

  • LinkedIn has over 450 million members worldwide and is one of the top social media networking sites with active users, making it an excellent source for individual and company exposure, job networking, and professional connections (above statistic references information from
  • LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of social media leads for businesses
  • 77% of LinkedIn users rely on the platform to research individuals and companies (above statistics reference information from )

What Are the Crucial Elements of a Compelling LinkedIn Profile?

  • Think of your LinkedIn page as your own advertisement; make sure it is well written and visually appealing; there is only one chance to make a first impression!
  • Complete as many sections as possible, as the more content you place, the more visibility and interest you will reap
  • Include your up-to-date contact information
  • Start off right with a catchy, well-worded header
  • Use an updated, high-quality photo that captures you as a professional
  • Write your summary and all other areas of content using strong verbs, active language, quantifiable results, specific details, and key words relevant to your industry. Your writing should be concise and direct (see “LinkedIn Summary Writing Tips” below)
  • Emphasize your professional skills, awards and honors, publications, and projects as testaments to your success
  • Present a well-rounded image by including your volunteerism and community service
  • Don’t be afraid to ask others for endorsements, as these will boost your credibility

LinkedIn Summary Writing Tips!

  • First, outline your LinkedIn summary content, listing key points you want to include
  • Write in either 3rd person (he/she, his/her, him/her) or 1st person (I, me); either is acceptable, but make sure you stick with one or the other throughout (do not shift person)
  • Start with a strong, stand-out lead that captures attention
  • Give plenty of thought to your audience and what you want viewers to know and remember
  • Aim to capture your personality
  • Think about these questions: What best defines you? What is your mission, professionally and personally? What are your aptitudes and goals? What makes you stand out from the crowd?
  • Use a thesaurus for synonyms (avoid repetitive language) and better word choices; however, don’t choose words that sound unnatural, stilted, or out of place for you (
  • Write concisely and directly; there is a 2,000-character limit, so cut unnecessary words
  • Proofread all content…and proofread it again!

 Joining LinkedIn groups relevant to your industry and interests is a great way to gain exposure, connect with colleagues, and stay informed on current news and trends.

Try to be active daily and remember, when posting, late morning on Tuesdays is the best time to share.


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-by Christa Riddle

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