When writing website content and blogs, these easy-to-implement writing tips will perk up your online writing to deliver an effective, well-received message.

Usually, confident writers write more, and increasing your online content will ensure your website is active, fresh, and relevant. It will maximize your search engine optimization (SEO), lead searchers to your site, educate site visitors, add credibility to your business, and establish you as an industry expert.

Simple Writing Improvements

Establish Your Purpose: Establish your main idea and supporting details. What do you want to say? Why is this important? What does the reader want to know? If readers personally benefit and learn from your writing, they will read on.

 Choose Words Carefully:  Every word counts, so choose one powerful word over a string of weak ones. The thesaurus is a great resource for “word upgrades” to replace dull, overused words with stronger, more specific choices. Adjectives and adverbs can also make your writing more precise and detailed.

Be Active: Select strong verbs that show direct action. Avoid “to be” verbs and passive voice so you have someone doing something, not passively having something done to him or her. For example, “She is smart” fails to provide detail and action, but “The smart business owner posted a weekly blog to showcase her expertise” fixes the problem. Another improvement example: replacing “The post was written by the business owner” (passive voice) with, “The business owner wrote the post.”

Streamline:  Rid your writing of any unnecessary, repetitive words. Write a first draft to completely compose your content, then, chop excess words over several rounds and reword awkward, lengthy phrases. Think: Did I already say this? Is this essential to the meaning? How can I be more direct? Streamline while preserving your message.

Clean It Up:  Finally, carefully edit and proofread. Check spelling, punctuation, organization, and sentence and paragraph structure. Make sure there are no mistakes. Do sentences and paragraphs connect and flow? Does each paragraph have a main idea and stay focused? Eliminate typos. Never rely on spell check or auto-correct that can miss or even generate errors. Have a trustworthy second set of eyes give it a final read-through, as you may not catch your own mistakes.

Now you are ready to confidently share your wisdom or expertise in a blog or freshen your stale website content. Don’t procrastinate; just start writing! The process is easy once you get going, and the more you write, the easier it gets.

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From a Technical Perspective

Although well-written, informative, and frequently posted online content is a sure way to build your business’s Internet presence, there are many pointers from a technical perspective relevant to increasing your visibility and website traffic.

Below, Christopher Alfano, owner of New Vision Technology Group, Inc. shares some simple strategies to improve your website’s SEO and overall website design to attract more site visitors and convert viewers to potential customers.

Simple Technology Tips to Improve Website SEO  

  • Always use a URL that includes a keyword
  • Include your primary keyword in the title
  • Naturally use your keyword within the first few hundred words
  • Do not overuse your keyword in the remaining text
  • Include links to relevant off-site content
  • Fill out a pertinent and interesting meta description
  • Make sure your page is mobile-friendly and mobile responsive; most viewers today, in fact, use mobile platforms to browse the web, according to a recent comSource survey https://www.smartinsights.com/mobile-marketing/mobile-marketing-analytics/mobile-marketing-statistics/; website content that does not automatically scale to the viewer’s device is unprofessional and can frustrate visitors
  • Check your site speed—if your page or site is slow

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