Job searching is a journey with many challenges along the way. Job seekers need to stand out from hundreds of other applicants to avoid landing in the vast wasteland of those passed by due to lackluster presentations or failing to highlight the assets potential employers value.

Successful strategies for networking, resume writing, applicant tracking system navigation, and interviewing will increase your chances for a positive outcome and alleviate stress along the way, empowering you to control your own career destiny. Mastering these elements of job hunting will present your best professional “advertisement” that shines above the competition.

Here is a list of easy-to-implement job searching strategies that will put you in the driver’s seat, so you can confidently and positively navigate your course to career success.

Job Searching Strategies

Networking: The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 70% of job attainments results from networking. LinkedIn is a great resource for professional networking and job searching. Clearly identify already-established and potential contacts and connections who may be a support system with your job search, then reach out via phone, email, social media, or an in-person visit to communicate your career aspirations. Make sure you polish your social media profiles, resume, business cards, and appearance to attest to your professionalism and get you noticed and remembered.

 Resume Writing:  Compose a professional resume that highlights your assets in alignment with the position you would like to achieve. Make sure your format, content, organization, presentation, and key words are properly showcased, and proofread to catch any errors. “Show, don’t tell” using strong word choices and action verbs and include quantities and results that prove your accomplishments. Move beyond just listing job duties that are assumed by your title, and include any special skills you have, such as technology, foreign languages, and certifications. For more resume writing tips, be sure to visit our blog and select the category “Resume Tips.”

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Navigation:  Most resumes are initially scanned by applicant tracking systems (ATS) that search for key words aligned with the position’s criteria. Therefore, a good resume must satisfy the human eye and ATS to get noticed. Use a simple format, without lines, text boxes, images, borders, colors, and unusual fonts that an ATS may not read. Be sure to include plenty of key words that match the job at hand. For more ATS tips, be sure to visit our blog page and enter “applicant tracking system” in the search box.

Interviewing:  Now that you received the call for an interview, do you feel prepared to showcase your authentic self? Well ahead of the interview, identify your vision, goals, actions, and challenges. The day of the interview, present a polished, professional appearance and pay attention to body language and energy, both yours and the interviewer’s. Be an active listener who is prepared and confident.

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-by Christa Riddle



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