Preparing for a career change or job search means putting your best foot forward, first on paper with a resume and then in person during the job interview. In the competitive world of job searching, there are no second chances to make a first impression: every word, response, and gesture count!

Getting Started Job Searching

So, how can you prepare yourself to stand out from the crowd, capture your audience’s attention, and convey a polished, professional image to secure the job—all without the typical stress and uncertainty that plagues the job searching process? Consult with All About Writing and Self-Empowerment Coaching, L.L.C. to make sure your resume and interview presentation command the respect you deserve.


Through using All About Writing’s professional resume writing services and Self-Empowerment Coaching’s career coaching services, you will gain clear identification of your professional goals and desired outcomes due to our expertise and in-depth communication. We take pride in extending high-quality, customer-centric service with plenty of back and forth throughout the entire process. This makes our clients feel comfortable and ensures we are all on the same page when it comes to your journey to success. It allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of each client as a professional and job seeker.

Clarity and Expertise

Our clients benefit from the effective implementation of a clearly-defined process to achieve identified goals. All procedures and deliverables are straightforward from the start and aligned with each client’s specific needs. Our clients know what to expect from beginning to end as we help them navigate their career changes with clarity and reassurance while easing the burden with our expertise and undivided attention. All About Writing and Self-Empowerment Coaching’s informed guidance is rooted in sound knowledge of our industries and current trends, as well as years of expertise.

A Polished Presentation

Our resume and career coaching clients gain a thorough, polished presentation—on paper and in person—for an authentic delivery showcasing their attributes. The final products are customized by aligning each client’s specific needs, accomplishments, and achievements with each client’s goals and job interests. Many clients have commented how our thorough, comprehensive services have had positive outcomes and benefits that extend into their lives well beyond their job searches!

Package Pricing

All About Writing and Self-Empowerment Coaching offer our clients resume and career coaching expertise with synergy throughout the entire process. After years of collaborating to empower mutual clients along their journeys to career success, All About Writing and Self-Empowerment Coaching have created a package plan with discounted pricing, which takes 20% off resume pricing and offers four coaching sessions for only $239 when both services are booked.


At the first thought of a career change, put All About Writing and Self-Empowerment Coaching’s synergy and expertise to work for your benefit to eliminate wasted time, energy, and stress!

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-by Christa Riddle

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