In need of a new resume but unsure of how to go about doing it?

When it comes time for a new resume—whether for sudden unemployment, a career change, or a pending promotion—there are three main options available: do it yourself, hire an online resume writing company, or consult directly with a resume writing professional.

Resume Writing Option 1: Do It Yourself

While the first option of writing your own resume is free, many people find the resume writing process overwhelming, frustrating, and time consuming, even with the support of templates and well-meaning family and friends. As uncertainties about content, formatting, keyword alignment, and current strategies crop up, many “do-it-yourselfers” turn to a professional after their efforts fail. In this case, independence can be a waste of time—and time is often of the essence when competing for a job alongside hundreds of other applicants.

Resume Writing Option 2: Hire an Online Resume Writing Company

The second option of hiring an online resume writing company is often easy, instant, and cheap, as there are thousands of online “experts” out there waiting to help immediately for an unbelievably low price. However, you get what you pay for, which is usually an ineffective resume remotely generated by an inexperienced, outsourced “typist” who plugs your information into a pre-set template. In this case, your unique challenges, background, accomplishments, and goals may be overlooked. You may wonder if a real person actually created your resume, and you may find yourself left with a generic, cookie-cutter resume that sounds just like everyone else’s in your field.

Resume Writing Option 3: Hire a Professional Resume Writer

The third option of hiring a professional resume writing consultant is usually the most effective and easiest way to accomplish your new resume. Although it costs more than the first two options and may take a bit more turnaround time to thoroughly complete the comprehensive process, using a professional resume writer comes with writing expertise, strategic analysis, customized content, and on-going communication.

At All About Writing, we do not use templates or generic content. When you hire us, you benefit from our unwavering commitment to each of our clients and our mission. Your resume will be packed with quantified results, deliverables, and specific accomplishments that speak to your assets in tangible terms.

All About Writing’s Mission as Resume Writing Professionals

All About Writing’s mission spans three key areas and rests at the center of all we do for each of our clients as resume writing professionals:

Goal Alignment: All About Writing remains committed to identifying and understanding each client’s goals and expectations through comprehensive communication and astute listening. We extend an in-person consultation (or phone consultation for remote clients) to analyze your previous capacities and goals in order to provide effective solutions that align your accomplishments with your future aspirations.

Writing Expertise: All About Writing remains committed to creating customized, effective, client-specific content rooted in research of current industry strategies and trends and decades of professional writing experience. As we communicate, you gain the opportunity to learn about the information and thought processes behind our strategies–why we are making specific decisions for your project.

All About Writing’s expertise as writing consultants and professional writers lies in adjusting and creating customized content to effectively achieve each client’s professional or personal goals. Therefore, we do not use templates or plug generic content into a particular form. After thoroughly analyzing your intake information and listening to your desired outcomes, we implement optimal writing strategies rooted in expertise and experience, align our approach to conquer your unique challenges, and ask the questions necessary to generate effective content on your behalf.

Customer Service: All About Writing remains committed to delivering exceptional customer service and professionalism—start to finish—that simplifies the process, eliminates stress, and overcomes uncertainties. All About Writing takes pride in our professionalism, skills, and superior customer service with prompt return calls and emails. We spend time getting to know you and your project concerns in order to provide the best possible customer service, writing strategies, and finished product.

All About Writing operates with integrity and dedication to each client. Although we are based in Howell, New Jersey (Monmouth County on the Ocean County border), we work with clients throughout Monmouth, Ocean, Middlesex, and Somerset counties in Central Jersey; we also serve many clients remotely across New Jersey and the U.S. via phone and email.

In addition to resumes, CVs, cover letters, references lists, and follow-up thank you letters, All About Writing provides expert writing, editing, and proofreading services for all of your professional, business, academic, and personal needs.

For more information on All About Writing’s resume writing services, visit “Why Choose All About Writing” (, “Resumes and CVs” (, and “Ignite Your Resume for 2018 Career Success” (

-by Christa Riddle

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