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  • All About Writing provides a variety of writing, editing, and proofreading services for professional, business, academic, and personal projects, all rooted in decades of expertise and current field knowledge.
  • All About Writing takes pride in our professionalism, skills, and superior customer service with prompt return calls and emails. We are never too busy to answer your questions or address your concerns, which is why our lists of testimonials and referrals continue to grow, year after year.
  • All About Writing extends a free initial consultation (for several services), where we analyze your previous capacities and goals to provide effective solutions and align your accomplishments and future aspirations.
  • All About Writing offers writing consulting services, which means we come to the table with writing expertise and  work one-on-one with clients, in person if possible, to identify your unique, specific writing needs and goals. You gain the opportunity to learn the information and thought processes behind our strategies–why we are making these decisions for your project. However, we can also very successfully work with clients remotely via phone and email, which is why our client base extends across New Jersey and the U.S., in addition to the local community.
  • All About Writing’s expertise as writing consultants/professional writers lies in adjusting and creating customized content to effectively achieve each client’s professional or personal goals. Therefore, we do not use templates or plug generic content into a particular form. After thoroughly analyzing your intake information and listening to your desired outcomes, we implement optimal writing strategies rooted in expertise and experience. We align our approach with your specific challenges, and we know the questions to ask to generate effective content on your behalf.
  • All About Writing spends time getting to know you and your project concerns in order to provide the best possible customer service, writing strategies, and finished product. We operate our business with integrity and dedication to each client.
  • All About Writing cares about your results and welcomes clients to follow up with us on their future successes. We are also here to help with future projects and edits as information changes down the road.
  • All About Writing never rushes our clients; our clients are never made to feel anything less than our top priority. We value our clients and work hard to help you achieve your goals through putting your best foot forward!

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Client Testimonial

“Just want to tell you about my resume and job search results. I have been offered a job in NYC, and your resume was one of the reasons for my many interviews; most spoke highly of the professional aspects of how it was organized. I received the most feedback and compliments on the binder that you suggested, and most interviewers were impressed by my organizational skills and attention to detail.” –Regis F.

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